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Products from this range contain active compounds that are found in Alliums (including garlic and onion). They allow to fight effectively against the development of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract and feces. They in fact participate in the improvement of certain zootechnical parameters for better assimilation of nutrients. The products in this range are valuable support to decrease the use of antibiotics. Spectrum range includes products intended for animal feed (multi-species) and offered as powder or liquid.

Fructomix is a prebiotic complex and ingenious blend of plant extracts. Prebiotics entering in the fructomix composition are mainly fructo-oligosaccharides with an optimal degree of polymerization. The plant extracts have a positive effect on appetite and food digestion. Its prebiotic activity promotes good development and good retention of endogenous flora.

The Aqualium range includes products in powder and liquid form. These products contain sulfur molecules from Allium (including garlic and onion). Their action on increasing appetite improves food conversion rate, reduce pond pollution linked to the unconsumed feed, to prevent the formation of biofilms, leading to contamination. Finally, it helps to reduce stress factors. Aqualium range of products has also a positive effect on the immune system by reducing the rate of secondary pathology.

This range of technical products is specially designed for horse, camel racing, livestock. Mehrilium is a range offering various products such as ointments, Leg-paint, Leg-blisters, electrolytes or nutritional supplements to improve the assimilation of nutrients and participating in optimal digestive comfort.


These boluses are an ingenious combination of Spectrum and plant extracts / essential oils. They are dedicated to the dairy industry with the main advantage being the reduction risk of mastitis. These boluses are also available for the following species: goats, sheep and camels. Our bolus can be adapted as necessary with compositions, sizes and different time of disintegrations.