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Natural Ingredients recognized skills in the fields of animal nutrition and veterinary expertise, allows us to develop innovative nutritional solutions for all types of livestock.
All our products, nutritional solutions, have compositions essentially based on plant extracts, active compounds from plants and essential oils.
We are aware of the issues encountered in the livestock industry and we are committed to using our high-technology additives to meet specific requests or needs.


In order to foresee tomorrow’s challenges, Natural Ingredients has been developing a strong policy on research and development to expand our research into the use of innovative natural products. We always experiment in vitro, followed by in vivo tests, field trials, to better quantify the effectiveness of our products.
The bibliographic and documentary research phases are made beforehand in order to ensure the relevance of our research programs.


One of Natural Ingredients activities is to research and provide innovative natural raw ingredients for the animal feed industry. Our objective is to meet the specific needs of our partners.